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Points for attention in using façade decorative working platform

Points for attention in using façade decorative working platform


1.   After daily work of electric working platform, pull the power off in time, lock the electric control box door, and cover electric control box.

2.   Before starting to use façade decorative suspended platform, check the connecting parts and fasteners, and tighten them in time if loose is found. In case of welding cracks or component deformations, contact the technician of the electric working platform manufacturer in time for maintenance.

3.   Before operation of aerial working platform, make  inspection on the safety status and make inspection record.

4.   Set up safety isolation zone and obvious safety warning signs under suspended working platform, no cross operation in the vertical operation area. Operators shall operate in strict accordance with safety operation rules and product instructions. Operation in violation of regulations are strictly prohibited.

5.   It is strictly prohibited to exceed the rated load of the hanging platform. In case of any abnormality in operation, the operators shall immediately cut off the power supply and stop operation, evacuate the site under the condition of ensuring the safety of suspended platform, and promptly report to the safety management personnel on the construction site.

6.   Operators on the construction electric hanging platform shall be equipped with safety ropes, safety belts and other safety devices independent of the hanging platform.

7.    After daily operation, façade decorative platform shall be lowered to the ground, and the power supply of the electric hanging platform shall be cut off, clear the construction waste in the electric hanging basket. Make records of operation, daily inspection, maintenance and shifting of duty.

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