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Points for using the zinc plated hanging cradle gondola at night

Points for using the zinc plated hanging cradle gondola at night


In order to catch up with the construction period, many construction projects also need to continue to work at night. 

When using construction equipment at night, especially the high rise gondola cradle, the below points should be paid attention.

1.      the bearing strength of the top surface of the building shall not be less than 1500 kg per square meter. If the hanging mechanism of the lifting cradle is borne by the embedded parts on the top surface, the safety factor of the embedded parts shall not be less than 3.

2.      The power supply for motor hoisting gondola lift shall be 380V, three-phase, five-wire grounding.

3.      It is strictly prohibited to use within the range of 10M from the high voltage line.

4.      Obstacles should be cleared within the operation range, warning signs should be set up at the corners. It  is strictly prohibited to open external windows during construction.

5.      The construction site should be illuminated at night. Workers should take protection measures to ensure safe. Also take protection measures for steel wire rope, safety rope and electric control cabinet to prevent moisture and corrosion.

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