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Precautions for aerial work platforms

by:Powerston     2021-08-29
What are the precautions for aerial work platforms? Aerial work platform manufacturers-machinery gives you detailed instructions. 1. The preparation work of the construction party before the operation: (1) Check whether there are pits, ditches, concealed ditches, and concealed holes on the job site, and whether there are high-voltage lines and communication lines above them. If the above phenomenon occurs, take supporting measures. (2) Check that there are no obstacles in the access roads. (3) The tools used by various types of work involved in the installation and disassembly of aerial work platforms, such as toolboxes, rigging, rope buckles, safety helmets, safety belts and other items, shall be delivered to the operation site for use. 2. Compilation basis: According to the high-altitude lifting platform instruction manual, engineering construction organization design and site geological conditions. 3. Foundation: The foundation of the aerial work platform has been processed by the civil construction unit. 4. Basic requirements for safe operation: (1) The personnel involved in the installation and disassembly must be familiar with the mechanical performance and structural characteristics of the aerial work platform, and have proficient operation techniques and the ability to troubleshoot general faults. (2) The workers involved in this work shall have a clear division of labor, each shall bear its own responsibilities, make it clear that one person is responsible for commanding the work, and determining the command and contact signals. (3) Observe all disciplines established to ensure safe production, carry complete safety equipment, and the physical condition of personnel working at height must comply with the relevant regulations of the labor department. Drinking is strictly prohibited. (4) In case of snow, rain, heavy fog and weather with wind speed exceeding 13 m/s, this operation is not allowed. (5) The transformer power supply grid at the construction site, its transformation capacity shall not be less than 100KVA. 5. Inspection after installation: (1) Re-check whether each fastening point meets the requirements. If there is looseness, tighten it. (2) Check whether all parts are complete and in a valid state. 6. The installation is complete: (1) The trial operation of the aerial work platform includes trial operation, static load test and dynamic load operation. The test run of the next step shall not be carried out before the last step is qualified. (2) Clean up tools, rigging, equipment and sundries on the construction site. (3) Personnel and equipment exit the site. China's high-altitude lifting platform manufacturers, dedicated to mobile lifting platforms, self-propelled high-altitude lifting platforms, fixed unloading platforms, container unloading platforms, rail-type lifting cargo lifting platforms, aluminum alloy lifting platforms, cylinder-type lifting platforms, and folding arm lifting cage platforms Ten series of hydraulic lifting cage platform products such as platform, vehicle-mounted lifting platform, disabled lifting platform, lifting stage, lifting platform, unloading platform, etc. All the company's products meet the relevant national and industry technical standards. Customer satisfaction has always been our eternal pursue.
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