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Precautions for maintenance of steel wire rope for chain guide rail type lifting cargo lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-09-01
The use of steel wire rope on the chain guide rail type cargo lifting platform is extraordinary. It needs to be steep and stable. The wire rope is indirectly acting on the chain guide rail lifting cargo lifting platform. The life of the wire rope depends directly on the creation and protection of the wire rope. The equipment and maintenance of the chain guide rail type lifting cargo lifting platform steel rope should be careful about the following points: 1. The guide rail lifting platform steel rope is packaged in reels and shipped out of the factory. When opening the original coiled steel wire rope, it must be carried out according to the exact skills, and no knots should be formed. Or distorted. 2. When the wire rope of the chain-rail type lifting cage platform is blocked, the method to prevent the wire rope from being scattered should be selected. 3. When the wire rope of the equipment-rail type lifting platform is not used as an unclean white side area, it should not be wound on another object. , It should be prevented from scratching, grinding, rolling or excessive complexity. 4. The steel wire rope of the guide rail lifting platform should be stalemately smooth. There is no at least two lubrication. First use a steel wire brush to mock the dirt on the wire rope and clean it with petroleum, then Dip the wire rope with lubricating oil heated to 80 degrees Celsius so that the lubricating oil is immersed in the core of the wire rope. When lubricating, pay more attention to the parts that are not easy to see and not easy to care about, such as the wire rope out of the pulley. 5. Guide rails used in Yanju The steel wire rope of the type lifting platform should be inspected every day, including the fixed connection of the end, the inspection of the pulley, and the safety difference. Although the scrapped example is reached, it should be stopped immediately and replaced with a new wire rope. 6, buy a chain guide When the steel wire rope of the cargo lifting cage platform is used, it is necessary to buy the original guessed example, diameter, nominal tensile strength and certified steel wire rope to ensure the rigid compliance, specification and the original plan of the steel wire along the road. 7. For the guide rail lifting platform wire rope It is necessary to prevent damage, corrosion, or other physical or chemical factors from falling.
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