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Precautions for safe operation of aluminum alloy lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-06-20
Aluminum alloy lifting cage platform: using high-strength and high-quality aluminum alloy material, it has the advantages of beautiful appearance, small size, light weight, stable lifting cage, safety and reliability. It is widely used in factories, hotels, restaurants, stations, theaters, exhibition halls and other places. It is the best safety partner for maintenance of machinery, paint decoration, replacement of lamps, electrical appliances, cleaning and maintenance. 1. Before the aluminum alloy lifting platform is operated, the person in charge of the work shall give the operator a technical and safety explanation. 2. In the inspection of the various indicators of the lifting platform, it must be carried out in accordance with the regulations, and it must be ensured that the aluminum alloy lifting platform is idle. 3. The general order of maintenance is lower arm first, middle, and upper arm last. 4. Support is an important preparatory work for the operation of aluminum alloy elevators, and aluminum alloy elevators should choose a flat ground. 5. The operator should wear a seat belt, and when working in a live area, the car body should be grounded according to regulations. When climbing, the person in charge of the work should conduct the command. The person in charge should contact the operator of the aluminum alloy lift according to the standard signal . platform manufacturer, sales, installation, hydraulic construction lift equipment company. Using high-tech technology, we are specialized in the design and customization of various products such as aluminum alloy lifting cage platforms, lifts, lifting stages, aluminum alloy lifting platforms, cargo platform adjustment plates, docking bridges, electric forklifts and other hydraulic logistics equipment. Relying on excellent technology, modern equipment, standardized management, precise brand positioning and perfect marketing and customer service network, it will promote the steady improvement of machinery business, product sales network covering the whole country, and become one of the domestic lifting equipment enterprises with development potential.
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