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Precautions for use of elevator application range

by:Powerston     2021-06-22
Elevators play an important role in both industrial production and our daily lives. They bring us a lot of benefits. There are many functions and features of elevators. We use them in many commercial buildings in our lives. When it comes to elevators, the performance of the elevator is similar to that of the elevator. When we use the elevator, we can also set the elevator according to our own needs. It can be seen that the elevator has a considerable effect on us. With the continuous increase of our productivity and the continuous improvement of life, the demand for elevators is also increasing. The application of elevators in every corner of life will bring us objective benefits. The application of lifting cage platform in our production has been very common, and it plays an important role in our production, especially the high-altitude operation of goods. With the continuous development of the economy, in line with the needs of the society, the productivity is constantly increasing, and now there are more high-altitude operations, so the elevator brings us an important role when we carry out high-altitude operations. The lifting platform machine is to operate up and down, and can provide us with a safe and stable platform, and we can provide guarantee for our safety when working at heights. platforms not only play an important role in production, but the application of freight elevators in our lives is also very important, and it is very popular. In hotels, hotels, cinemas and other public leisure and entertainment places, we all know that clean and comfortable is the first Therefore, it is necessary for us to keep it clean. The elevator is cleaned here, the maintenance of lamps and lanterns, and the debugging, installation and maintenance of equipment are all very important. 1. Check whether there is any leakage in the oil pipeline of the elevator. 2. Check whether the nuts at the intersections on the boom are firm and whether they have been lubricated before use. 3. Do not move the elevator during the movement process and when in the rising position. 4. Do not change the electrical control system arbitrarily. 5. Whether it is dark, sticky or sandy, replace it in time, and change the hydraulic oil once a year. 6. When it is necessary to enter under the elevator platform for maintenance, the working platform of the elevator must be hung to prevent the elevator from falling suddenly and causing casualties. 7. Before disassembling the hydraulic system, the pressure must be relieved to prevent the oil from spraying out and the workbench from falling down suddenly.
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