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Precautions for using an electric elevator to check

by:Powerston     2021-07-01
The electric construction lift is a multifunctional lifting and loading mechanical equipment, electric lifting platform lifting system, which is driven by hydraulic pressure. It is composed of walking mechanism, hydraulic mechanism, electric control mechanism and supporting mechanism. Here is an introduction to the precautions for inspection of electric lifts. 1. Whether the rollers, intermediate shafts and bearings, cylinder pins and bearings, boom hinge shafts and bearings are worn or not. 2. All parts are filled with some lubricating oil to extend the service life of the bearing. 3. The quality and level of the hydraulic oil. The lifting cage platform is raised all the way. In this position, the hydraulic floor should be 40-50 mm higher than the bottom of the box. If it is found that the hydraulic oil becomes dark, sticky or has foreign objects such as grit, it should be replaced in time (32# hydraulic oil).
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The lifting platform is a kind of multifunctional lifting and loading and unloading mechanical equipment, which can be divided into fixed type and mobile type. The cargo lifting platform is a special hydraulic lifting platform for vertical transportation of goods. It is mainly used for transportation of goods up and down in various workplaces such as factories and warehouses. It is especially suitable for low-rise buildings and is an ideal economical and practical cargo conveying equipment. Suitable for lifting large loads, high safety performance, stable lifting, convenient operation and maintenance, low power consumption, simple and suitable for various architectural designs, without the need for the top-level computer room, saving building space.
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