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Prevention of oil leakage of hydraulic lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-06-14
Oil leakage of hydraulic lifting platforms is a frequent problem of lifting platforms. According to investigations, most hydraulic lifting platforms now have different degrees of oil leakage. Oil leakage not only causes a lot of material waste, but also corrodes the lifting cage platform, affects the life of the lifting platform, and even affects the normal use of the user. If the amount of oil leakage exceeds the indicator, it is directly manifested as an external leakage, which can generally be detected immediately. It is mainly reflected in the pressure drop of the elevator, sudden changes in speed, serious oil accumulation on the ground or machine surface, and after a long time, the equipment needs to be refueled frequently to restore the previous working height. Once the oil leaks, it must be shut down for maintenance and forced operation Only people will damage the machine and the air will be seriously polluted. We should try our best to avoid oil leakage and minimize the damage. The following machinery will share with you views on oil leakage. There are many reasons for oil leakage caused by hydraulic lifting platform, mainly as follows: the quality of hydraulic components, vibration, corrosion, differential pressure pipeline connection, improper use and maintenance, oil leakage of lifting platform is divided into external leakage and internal leakage. A small amount of oil leakage is inevitable, which is determined by the nature of hydraulic transmission. However, if there is a large area of u200bu200boil leakage, we must stop the machine immediately to eliminate the cause, and take care of it in time, which has barely caused a greater loss.
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