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Price wars on hydraulic lifting platforms have caused both manufacturers and customers to lose out

by:Powerston     2021-08-21
Many customers call to inquire how much a hydraulic lifting platform is? So what are the price factors that affect the hydraulic lifting platform? Today I will give you an analysis: 1. The main reason why the price of the lifting platform is determined by the technical parameters is the technical parameters: the general hydraulic lifting platform determines the price according to the lifting height, the weight of the load, and the size of the work surface. However, the same height is affected by its structure. As the load-bearing quality changes, the size of the countertop will also increase, and the price generally ranges from 18,000 to 99,000 yuan. 2. The choice of work and materials for the same product, the finer the work, the higher the labor cost. The better the material selection, the higher the material cost, and the higher the price. Depending on the height of the lifting, the price may differ by about 5,000-9,000 yuan. 3. The difference between conventional products and customized products As a professional hydraulic lifting platform manufacturer, conventional mobile Elevator products are generally available in stock. Conventional products can meet the requirements of most customers. For some customers, special specifications of the lifting platform are required. Because it is not mass production, there is an increase in cost from design to production familiarity, and sometimes it is even more expensive. Go to the field to measure on the spot, the price will be several thousand yuan higher than the conventional product. 4. The order quantity determines the price. If the customer orders more than 2 hydraulic lifting platforms at a time, the manufacturer will give a certain discount in the price, so the customer is When consulting the price of the hydraulic lifting platform, be sure to state your order quantity, so that we can provide you with a more favorable price. 5. The price of the lifting platform, everyone's point of view is different. With the intensification of industry competition, price wars seem to be inevitable, but it is difficult to measure the core value of such small and medium-sized hydraulic lifting equipment by one standard, and the price has gradually become the only standard of measurement. , Just like when we buy a product that we are not familiar with, the only direct thing is the price, and as for the later we yelled for being fooled, in fact, it is the same in the lifting platform industry. The high price does not necessarily mean that the product is good, but the price is low. The quality is not necessarily poor. How to choose, reveal the secrets for you: 6. The price of the lifting platform is nothing more than labor costs, material costs, auxiliary parts costs, the profit margins of the company's manufacturers, and the risks and responsibilities that the company has to bear And other composition. The fundamental factor that affects the price of the lifting platform is the material cost. The designer of each company is different, and the structure and materials of the design are naturally different. 7. The price gap of auxiliary accessories of the lifting platform has also become a major difference in the price of lifting cage machinery and equipment. Factors, it is recommended that customers correctly refer to the brand and price of the product configuration table when choosing a lifting platform, and choose a truly cost-effective equipment, which is also a necessary measure that affects the safety of the entire equipment. Rather than simply looking at the quality of a piece of equipment by price, because there have been many bloody lessons in the lifting cage platform industry, we must always put the safety of the lifting platform first. With the continuous development of the modern logistics industry, the emergence of the lifting platform greatly facilitates the lifting of goods and facilitates the operation of high-altitude operations. It is closely related to people's production and life. The modern society has an increasing demand for lifting platforms. Many machinery factories have also spotted this opportunity, and large and small lifting platform manufacturers have sprung up, investing in building factories one after another. Due to the limitations of various factors, the quality of products manufactured by various lifting platform manufacturers is also uneven. So how do we buy products with better cost performance? 87.
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