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Product introduction of single and double mast aluminum alloy lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-07-10
The single-mast aluminum alloy lifting platform is made of high-strength aviation aluminum alloy profiles. It has a precise and compact structure, a light body design, and the hydraulic system sealing materials are imported from the original, safe and reliable. The single-mast aluminum alloy lifting platform is small in size, light in weight, flexible and convenient to move, and can easily pass through common room roads and elevator doors, and is suitable for single-person operation.  The single-mast aluminum alloy lifting platform is widely used in factories, hotels, restaurants, stations, theaters, exhibition halls and other places. It is the best safety partner for maintenance of equipment, paint decoration, replacement of lamps, electrical appliances, cleaning and maintenance. Picture: Single-mast aluminum alloy lifting platform    The lifting power of the double-mast aluminum alloy lifting platform is divided into 220V, 380V, or battery power source. Explosion-proof pumping stations and explosion-proof electrical appliances can also be used in special environments. Elevate 4-10 meters, load 100-150 kg. The main body is made of high-strength and high-quality aluminum alloy material, which has the advantages of beautiful appearance, small size, light weight, stable lifting cage, safety and reliability.   1. Product advantages: light appearance, durable, flexible to move and easy to use. 2. The maximum lifting height of the platform: 6M, 8M, 10M, 12M, 14M   3. Power supply:    Default: single-phase alternating current optional: (1) battery direct current supply type (2) battery direct current inverter type, both AC and DC It can be made into an explosion-proof aerial work platform according to needs. It is suitable for oil, natural gas and other occasions with explosion-proof requirements. The double-mast aluminum alloy lifting cage platform is widely used in hotels, hotels, banks, halls, auditoriums, shopping malls, supermarkets, shops, etc. It is most suitable for high-altitude operation and maintenance in small places with 1-2 people climbing. Picture: Double mast aluminum alloy lifting cage platform
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