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Reasonably use the hydraulic lifting platform to link the service life of the equipment

by:Powerston     2021-10-03
The hydraulic lifting platform is a very easy to see construction method in the modern logistics site. The hydraulic lifting platform is the beginning and end of the company's logistics chain, and is a loading and unloading operation channel for the company's rapid and safe turnover of goods and goods. Loading and unloading operations The height of the channel is fixed, but the height of the carriages to and from the carriage is different, and there is always a certain height difference or gap between the delivery vehicle and the loading and unloading platform. The formation of the transfer forklift cannot enter and exit the delivery vehicle to directly load and unload the goods. Use hydraulic pressure The lifting platform provides a reliable connection. The transfer forklift can safely and quickly get in and out of the transport vehicle for loading and unloading operations. Recommended reading: The recycling of the fixed hydraulic lifting platform The hydraulic lifting cage platform is a simple lifting equipment. It is used in cooperation with forklifts and is used in warehouses. The auxiliary transfer of things between the truck and the truck. The fixed lifting platform has a long service life. Normally, under normal operation, there will be no damage to the product, and it contains relatively vulnerable parts. The main reason is that the lifting platform is usually closed and the interior The gear pumps, motors, various valves, etc. will not be damaged. And when the lifting platform is working, the lifting cage or lowering does not accept the weight. After the table or the lip is lifted, the motor, the cylinder, etc. are stopped. Operational. As long as the countertop and lip board accept the weight of the forklift and the goods. As long as the hydraulic lifting cage platform does not cut corners in the production, it is produced in accordance with the technical standards of the product. Low. At present, the hydraulic lifting platform produced by our company has not yet received customer complaints or repair consultations about product defects. Here, it is also clarified that the reasonable use of the hydraulic lifting platform has a great relationship with its own life.
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