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Reasons for the high temperature of the hydraulic lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-09-14
The hydraulic lifting platform has a high temperature during the use process, so what is the reason for this situation? The editor of hydraulic lifting platform will take you to understand in detail. 1. The hydraulic lifting cage platform is continuously overloaded. 2. The working time of the hydraulic lifting cage platform in an environment with high temperature is too long, which will cause the temperature to rise rapidly; 3. The inner diameter of the oil pipe of the hydraulic lifting cage platform is small or the oil pipe bends due to external forces, resulting in a smaller oil path diameter; The oil filter screen of the oil inlet and the suction pipe is damaged, causing the hydraulic oil to be mixed with solid particles to block the oil circuit, resulting in insufficient supply of hydraulic oil, greatly increasing the system pressure and increasing the temperature of the hydraulic oil. 4. The internal reason of the oil cylinder of the hydraulic lifting platform. After a long time of use, the internal damping oil seal of the oil cylinder is seriously worn, which causes the leakage of the oil cylinder to increase and the temperature rises. 5. Failure to maintain the power motor in time will cause damage to the bearing, the motor rotor will sweep the bore, and friction will generate heat.
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