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Recycling of fixed hydraulic lifting platforms

by:Powerston     2021-09-30
Recently, I often receive inquiries from customers about whether the fixed hydraulic lifting platform that has been used for several years can be recycled by the manufacturer. When installing a rail-type hydraulic lifting platform, some customers even use the equipment for five, six, or seven or eight years. It is extremely rare to consult whether it can be recycled, because the general hydraulic lifting platform manufacturers do not accept it. It is impossible for the manufacturer to recycle the used equipment and re-update and sell it to new customers. In addition, each equipment is based on the actual situation of the customer. Customized on-site conditions are unique. Here, the mechanical editor will analyze the recycling problems of hydraulic lifting platform equipment to customers and friends in detail according to the actual situation: First, the service life, the service life of a hydraulic lifting platform is about the value of the hydraulic lifting platform. The longer the service life, the less valuable it is, just like a car. (Except for fixed hydraulic lifting platforms, which are mentioned here are mobile hydraulic lifting platforms.) Since fixed hydraulic lifting platforms have different custom-made tonnages according to different units of use, it is difficult to recover in this respect, and most companies will use them for a long time. Recycling. Second, the degree of use. Some hydraulic lifting cage platforms have been used for five or six years, and the equipment itself has been quite aging. This is because the recycling company will definitely hold down the price very low, even close to the scrap price. The equipment is useless, and it may only be scrapped if it is not processed. Therefore, the degree of use of the equipment itself is closely related to its own value. Third, the depreciation rate. Any equipment has a certain degree of damage, because the equipment bought is always used, and there will be a certain degree of use. The depreciation and depreciation rate also affect the recycling value of the equipment. Recycling manufacturers or companies will also lower the price of the equipment and eventually sell it at a low price. Fourth, the number of repairs. The number of repairs for a piece of equipment is also the key to its recycling price. Besides, recycling companies or manufacturers are professionals specializing in the manufacture and maintenance of hydraulic lifting platforms, and they know the model, structure, and performance of their products. It is more advantageous in bargaining, and the number of repairs is too much, which affects the ability of equipment to bargain. Of course, if the customer feels that it is not cost-effective, he can keep it for his own use. If it doesn't work, he will choose to scrap it. It is better to be recycled. At least the price is worth more than selling scrap iron. More exciting content: car construction lift platform buying guide
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