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Replacement method of hydraulic oil pipe of hydraulic lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-07-18
How to replace the hydraulic tubing of the hydraulic lifting platform The tubing of the hydraulic lifting platform is an important channel for transmitting'energy'. After the hydraulic lifting platform has been used for a long time, the hydraulic tubing will inevitably be sun cracked or aging, so what problems need to be paid attention to when replacing What? 1. Precautions for tubing: ① Tubing should be as short as possible, preferably horizontal and vertical, with few turns. ②In order to avoid the wrinkles of the tubing and reduce pressure loss, the bending radius of the tubing assembly of the hydraulic lifting cage platform should be large enough, and the tubing clamp should be properly set when the tubing overhangs longer. ③The oil pipes should be avoided as far as possible. The distance between parallel pipes should be greater than 100 mm to prevent contact vibration and facilitate the installation of pipe joints. 2. Introduction and precautions for the pipe joint in the oil pipe: ①Introduction: The pipe joint is a detachable connection between the oil pipe and the oil pipe, the oil pipe and the hydraulic parts. It must have convenient assembly and disassembly, firm connection, reliable sealing, and external dimensions. Small, large flow capacity, small pressure drop, good manufacturability and other conditions. ②Type: There are many types of pipe joints, and there are two types of pipe joints and hose joints in common use. According to the connection methods of hydraulic freight elevator ground pipe joints and oil pipes, there are three types of hard pipe joints: flared pipe joints, card sleeve pipe joints and welded pipe joints. Hose joints mainly include crimping hose joints. Other specifications and varieties can be found in the relevant manuals. ③The common connection method of oil pipe and pipe joint in hydraulic system of hydraulic lifting platform. The ground connection thread for the screw-in end of the pipeline adopts the national standard metric taper thread and ordinary fine pitch thread. Taper threads rely on their own taper tightening and sealing with polytetrafluoroethylene, etc., and are widely used in medium and low pressure hydraulic systems; fine thread threads have good sealing properties and are often used in high-pressure systems. ④A combination washer or O-ring is used to seal the end face, and sometimes a copper washer can also be used. ⑤Most of the ground leakage problems in the hydraulic system appear on the joints in the piping system. For this reason, the selection of pipe materials, the determination of the joint form, the design of the piping system and the installation of the oil pipes must be taken seriously, so as not to affect the entire hydraulic system The quality of land use. ⑥ After connecting, do a leak-proof test to ensure that the pressure is normal, so as to achieve the goal of eliminating potential safety hazards. Summary: The replacement of oil pipes for hydraulic lifting platforms is the knowledge that skilled workers need to master. Although the parts of oil pipes are small, their role cannot be underestimated. I hope that the above knowledge will help everyone.
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