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Rules that must be followed when using electric lifting platforms

by:Powerston     2021-08-27
Rules that must be followed when using an electric lifting cage platform. The use of an electric lifting platform has brought a lot of convenience to our work, but if the operation is improper or the electric lifting platform has problems, it will affect my normal construction, so we Today, we mainly explain how to operate the electric lifting platform from the rules of use of the electric lifting platform, and what problems need to be paid attention to when using it. As a lifting equipment of elevators, electric lifting platforms are used more and more widely. Many manufacturers will see electric lifting platforms. Therefore, safe operation is very important. When we start to operate electric lifting platforms, we must first see the manufacturer’s instructions. , Many electric lifting platforms will have a period of running-in when they leave the factory, and they must be operated in accordance with the regulations to be better used, and they must also read the manuals and operate safely. You must be cautious about these large heavy machinery. The use of this is related to the safety of the operator. Before operating the electric lifting platform, careful inspection should be carried out. If the electric lifting platform stops working for a long time, it should be maintained as much as possible, so as to ensure that the fixed unloading platform is put into use next time It can be more smooth,    electric lifting platform should pay attention to many problems during operation. Among them, it is very important to operate according to different weather. The height of the electric lifting platform can be raised up to 20 meters, and some customer needs are far greater than 20 meters. It will be even higher, so in order to operate the electric lifting platform safely, it is necessary to carry out construction according to the wind direction and weather. If the weather is strong and windy, try not to work at heights and protect your own safety. Now many electric lifting platforms are lifting The system is driven by a hydraulic pump station, so many elevators are hydraulic freight elevators. 71.
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