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Running-in method of rail type lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-07-09
There are two aspects to the running-in of the guide rail lifting platform, one is the running-in period at the beginning of use, and the other is the running-in of various parts, especially after new parts are replaced. Running-in is to make the rail-type lifting platform run more stable and efficient. What are the running-in methods of the rail-type lifting platform? 1. The guide rail type lifting cage platform assembled by many parts cannot make the metal parts very smooth. At this time, it needs to run in. By making a large number of parts of the construction lift freight elevator rub against each other, the coordination between the parts is made more tight. 2. Generally speaking, the load of the new platform should not exceed 80% of the specified load range during the running-in period. Since it takes half a month or a month for many freight elevators to be transported from the factory to the destination, if the project is not completed and the construction is stopped for one or two months, some users will worry about leaving the equipment for a long time There will be no problems. 3. Some users think that the hydraulic oil that has been stored for a long time will deteriorate, so replace the expired hydraulic oil. But in fact, the oil used by the manufacturers of the guide rail lifting platform has low viscosity, strong oxidation resistance and cleaning effect, and some have added abrasives to assist running-in equipment. Therefore, during the running-in period, I still hope that everyone can follow the manufacturer’s instructions for running-in
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