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Safety devices for electric construction working platform

Safety devices for electric construction working platform


The electric construction working platform must be equipped with sensitive and reliable anti-falling safety lock, and the use of the safety lock should be within the specified calibration period, during the use, the user should check its effectiveness and reliability regularly. When the moving speed of working platform reaches the safety rope locking speed, it shall be able to automatically lock the rope and stop within a distance of no more than 200mm.

Special safety rope and complete lock shall be set on the working platform, and the safety rope shall be fixed in the reliable position of the building. Safety rope should use nylon material, with whole rope hanging. When approaching welding, cutting, heat source and other places, the safety rope should be protected. The diameter of safety rope must be within the range of the calibrated rope diameter of the lock. The lock should be sensitive and reliable. A safety lock can only be hung by one person. A reliable upper limit device shall be installed on the hanging platform.

The front bracket of  suspension mechanism should not be supported on the wall of the building or on the edge of the cantilever beam. The overhanging length of the front beam shall conform to the product specification. The force exerted by the suspension mechanism on the top surface of buildings or structures should meet the load bearing requirements of the building structure. The counter weight can not be replaced by sandbags, bricks, etc., the weight should meet the design requirements, fixed and set up to prevent unauthorized moving measures.

Working wire rope and safety wire rope should not be broken, loose, rust, grease, safety wire rope should be suspended independently.

Electric construction working platform is prohibited to overload operation, operators should be trained and qualified before operation.

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