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Safety hazard elimination plan for hydraulic lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-08-19
Hydraulic lifting platform safety hazard elimination plan 1. When the hydraulic lifting platform fails or an abnormal situation occurs, it should be stopped immediately, and the failure and accident hazards should be eliminated before it can be put into use again. 2. The investigation of hidden dangers should rely on all aspects of the joint management: The construction enterprise is the main body of responsibility for the investigation of hidden dangers of the construction hydraulic lifting platform. Daily inspections and regular inspections should be strengthened, and the steel structure, safety protection devices, electrical devices, and transmission devices of the construction hydraulic lifting platform should be carefully checked.   Supervision units should earnestly perform safety responsibilities, If it is found that there are hidden dangers of production safety accidents, the installation unit and the user should be required to make rectification within a time limit. If the installation unit or the user refuses to make rectification, it should be reported to the construction unit in a timely manner. When the construction authority performs its safety supervision and inspection duties, it shall respond to the construction found during the inspection. The hidden dangers of hydraulic lifting cage platform production safety accidents shall be ordered to be eliminated immediately, and if safety cannot be guaranteed before or during the elimination of major hidden dangers of production safety accidents, the operators shall be ordered to withdraw from the dangerous area or temporarily stop construction. In the investigation and management of hidden dangers, the investigation shall be carried out. Serious, resolute rectification and consolidation of results. Only by eliminating hidden dangers in a timely manner can the normal operation of the hydraulic lifting platform be guaranteed. The hidden dangers are found as early as possible to solve the problems as early as possible, and the safety accidents caused by the hidden dangers of the hydraulic lifting platform are reduced as much as possible. The construction unit must strictly follow the product manual to operate the lifting platform. 144.
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