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Safety inspection of building hoist elevator

Safety inspection of building hoist elevator


The safety of the building hoist elevator is very important for both goods and people. It needs to be checked before and after use to ensure safety.

1.   Anti-fall safety device: fall test shall be conducted before installation and use, and test every three months. After one year of use, it must be tested and renewed after five years.

2.   During the first load operation of the construction elevator of each shift, when the cage is raised 1m ~ 2m from the ground, stop the machine to test the reliability of the brake. When the braking effect is found to be bad, it should be adjusted or repaired before running.

3.   Inspection frequency: all kinds of safety devices are inspected once every half a month, The fall preventer is checked every three months.

4.   When the gear of transmission gear and anti-fall safety device gnaws with the rack, the contact length along the tooth height shall not be less than 40%, and the length along the tooth shall not be less than 50%.

5.   The order difference along the tooth height direction at the joint of two adjacent rack shall not be greater than 0.3mm, and the tooth difference along the length shall not be greater than 0.6mm.

6.   The rack shall have more than 90% of the calculated width involved in gnawing, and the gnawing side gap with the gear shall be 0.2-0.5mm.

7.   Emergency stop switch and limit switch should be sensitive

8.   The entrance and exit shall be equipped with a protective shelter, and the ground protection measures shall meet the requirements of the specification.

9.   Routine inspection shall be carried out before operation of construction lifts and inspection records shall be filled in.

10.  Operators should be on duty with certificates.

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