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Safety knowledge of winter construction height operation

Safety knowledge of winter construction height operation


High altitude work in ordinary circumstances when the construction of one of the major hazards, coupled with the winter construction surface slippery, more likely to induce falling accident. So in the winter construction, prevent measures must be in place, and improve safety awareness.

1.     Implement anti-skid safety measures, timely clear the snow on the work surface and construction road, in case of accidents caused by accidental falls during operation or walking.

2.      Wear tight work clothes, non-slip shoes, helmet and safety belt for height work. In case of heavy fog, heavy snow and strong winds above 6, please stop working at high altitude.

3.     The protective measures must be in place when working at the height, and the ladder must pass the acceptance inspection before it can be used.

4.     Operators are not allowed to play while working on the heights to avoid falling accidents.

5.     It is strictly prohibited to throw objects up and down when working at high altitude, so as to avoid injuring the construction personnel below.

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