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Safety Operating Regulations for Hydraulic Lifting Platforms

by:Powerston     2021-06-15
1. The hydraulic lifting cage platform must be operated by personnel who have passed training, assessment and obtained qualification certificates. 2. The operator should check whether the electrical system, hydraulic system and mechanical system of the construction lift are normal before use. 3. Before use, the platform should be unloaded several times to check for faults and abnormal phenomena, and also pay attention to whether the platform is tilted obviously abnormally. 4. The operator locks the movable doors at both ends of the protective fence before working, and then starts the bell. It is strictly forbidden to work with the movable doors of the protective fence open. 5. The emergency stop switch can be used to stop the platform in special circumstances during the driving of the hydraulic lifting platform, but in normal operation, it is forbidden to use the emergency stop switch to stop. 6. The operator shall be responsible for supervising that the items transported by the platform are distributed as evenly as possible on the table to prevent partial load and prohibit overloading. 7. The lifting cage platform is not allowed to carry dangerous goods such as inflammable and explosive, and it is forbidden to climb and shake when it is raised. 8. Operators are strictly prohibited from leaving their posts and wiping, lubricating or repairing the platform while working on the platform. 9. When the work is completed, the driver should cut off the power supply, lock the control panel before leaving the post, and fill in the shift record. 10. When the hydraulic lifting platform fails or fails to work properly, the maintenance personnel should be notified immediately to repair it, and it can be used after repair. 11. The hydraulic construction lift should be checked regularly and the certificate of conformity should be pasted. It is prohibited to use it after the validity period.
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