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Safety Operating Regulations for Hydraulic Lifting Platforms

by:Powerston     2021-06-15
1. The operating rules of the hydraulic lifting platform 1. The lifting platform has been strictly debugged before leaving the factory. Any adjustment of the pressure regulating valve will cause the system to operate abnormally. Non-professionals shall not adjust the pressure regulating valve arbitrarily. 2. Before using the platform, check the hydraulic and electrical systems carefully, and there is no leakage or exposure. The connecting parts and fasteners can be used only after they are not loose. 3. When the lifting platform is working, it is necessary to support the legs. It is advisable to draw to the black and red dividing line to obtain the largest support area as much as possible. Adjust the height of the legs to make the platform level (subject to the walking wheel about to leave the ground), if necessary. Use sleepers. 4. Connect the power supply, start the motor, do no-load lifting, check the hydraulic system is normal, and then load the load. 5. The center of gravity of the load should be as close as possible to the center of the work surface. The movable doors at both ends of the protective railing should be closed and locked before operation. 6. The lifting platform should work strictly according to its specified carrying capacity. Overloading may cause personnel and equipment damage. The lifting cage platform is strictly prohibited from walking or shaking during the ascent and descending process. 7. If there is abnormal noise when the lifting platform is working, it should be shut down immediately for inspection to avoid damage to equipment and personnel. 8. After the work is completed, the platform should be lowered, the power supply should be cut off, and the outriggers should be folded, and the platform should be pushed to the designated position. Second, the safe operation rules of hydraulic lifting platform 1. It is forbidden to work at height when the outriggers are not supported or the support is not in place. 2. It is forbidden to perform high-altitude operations when the lifting platform is moving. 3. High-altitude operations that require live operation are prohibited. 4. It is forbidden to work at heights under the rated load. 5. Non-electrical professionals are not allowed to disassemble and assemble electrical appliances at will to prevent electric shock or misconnection. 6. When the lifting platform is in the rising state, the inside of the lifting platform must be suspended for maintenance. The platform must be hung to prevent the lifting platform from falling by itself and causing casualties. 7. Disassembly of any part of the hydraulic system must be carried out in a completely depressurized state. 8. Pay attention to the surrounding environment and avoid collision with wires, electrical equipment and other facilities. 9. The working condition is that the wind force is not greater than level 6, and the load on the tabletop must not be greater than the rated load. 10. Before starting, check whether the platform is intact and whether the safety devices such as guardrails are intact. 11. When the lift is raised, the operator must pay close attention to the distance from the object above to avoid collision with the human body. 12. After the lift is raised to a suitable height, where conditions permit, ropes should be used to connect the construction lift to the objects above. If necessary, the staff should wear safety belts to avoid excessive shaking and accidents. 13. When the elevator moves to use position or when walking, the lifting platform must be reduced to the minimum, the four outriggers of the elevator must be retracted, and the power supply can be cut off before moving. 14. It is strictly forbidden to use elevators for strong winds above level 6. 15. When the construction lift is working, no people are allowed to stand within 2 meters to prevent falling objects from hurting people. 16. All structural parts must not have serious desoldering, deformation, corrosion, disconnection, cracks, etc., and high platform operators should wear safety belts. 17. The lift must be operated by at least two operators, and someone must supervise the operation, and the barrier must be firmly clamped. 18. Operate smoothly when lifting, and pay attention to the above conditions at any time to prevent the tool from falling and hurting people. 19. If an abnormality or oil leakage is found, it should be stopped immediately, and the relevant unit should be entrusted to repair it in time, and it should not be used with illness. 3. Pay attention to the emergency lowering of the hydraulic lifting platform! It is limited to use in emergency situations. When the personnel on the lifting platform are working, there is a sudden power failure or a sudden failure when the lifting platform rises, so that the lifting platform cannot be lowered to perform this function. Use a screwdriver or other tools to support the valve core, and then press the valve core inward, the hydraulic oil will automatically release the pressure, the oil cylinder will return to the connection, and the platform will drop by its own weight until it drops to the original height.
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