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Safety Operation of Electric lifting cradle

Safety Operation of Electric lifting cradle


Electric lifting cradle is widely used in high-rising building construction, to keep workers’ safe, we must follow below operations rules.

(1)  The electric lifting cradle should be operated and managed by a special person who is trained and assessed with a certificate.

(2)  Operators should wear safety protective equipment and fasten safety ropes.

(3)  Only two people are allowed in the lifting cradle, overload is strictly prohibited.

(4)  Do not use ladders, benches in the lifting cradle

(5)  Check limit switches, electric control buttons, safety locks and other components before daily operation.

(6)  Before the first use, operator should inspection the lifting cradle and trial operation. It should not be used until there is no problem in the trial operation.

(7)  In case of any problem or fault in the use of  the electric lifting cradle, it should be stopped immediately to avoid danger.

(8)  When finish using, the electric lifting cradle should be declined to the specified position and cut off the electric power.

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