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Safety points for the use of lifting platform in winter

by:Powerston     2021-07-12
Safety points for the use of the lifting platform in winter    The safety of the lifting cage platform in winter is very important, so how can we ensure the safety of the lifting cage platform? The editor will take you to learn more about this issue.   1. After the driver goes to work in the morning, the first run must be a no-load trial run. The height is about five stories. The potential safety hazards can be discovered in time.   2. When the temperature is extremely low, when icing occurs on the rail frame, first run a few more times with light load, and then consider appropriate heavy load.   3. Pay special attention to the sensitivity of the brake during operation.   Fourth, if the temperature is too low, the charge load will increase. If frequent tripping occurs, let the professional perform a thorough inspection of the circuit.   5. Regular maintenance and overhaul cannot be ignored. More important parts should be checked and repaired, such as brakes, limit positions, and wire connections.   6. The driver's heating circuit must be set separately from the motor starting circuit. In order to avoid the hidden danger of unsafe caused by the increase of electricity load. When the weather turns cold, the hydraulic oil under the influence of cold air will cause the lifting cage platform to rise and fall very slowly, which is not conducive to the efficiency of cargo handling. This is the 32# hydraulic oil that we often use in winter and replace it before entering the winter. , Ensure the normal use of hydraulic lifting platforms and other similar hydraulic equipment, so as not to freeze the hydraulic oil and affect the use. If the installation and construction of the lifting platform is carried out in the cold winter, it is necessary to pay special attention to the safety of the construction, as far as possible in the sunny and warm conditions.
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