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Safety precautions during the use of electric lifts

by:Powerston     2021-06-08
Specializing in the production of electric lifts, lifting cage platform manufacturers, the following introduces the safety precautions during the use of electric lifts. First, the rated load of the electric lift must not be overloaded during use, and the overload phenomenon mainly occurs in the number of people carried and what kind of items it is carrying. Second, the level must be adjusted before use. If the level is not adjusted well, it is not allowed to be put into use. Third, the condition that the base cannot be moved or adjusted during the use of the hydraulic platform. Fourth, no matter what happens, no matter what the purpose is, no matter it is the operator or other personnel, it is not allowed to climb, or stand on the guardrail position of the manned platform for construction work. Fifth, the electric construction lift should be parked on a relatively solid and flat ground for operation, and operation and use on temporary stands or platforms such as trucks and beds must be strictly avoided. Sixth, during operation, you cannot stand under the frame that carries people, let alone use elevated ladders.
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