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Safety protection function of electric lift and its electric door

by:Powerston     2021-06-07
Based on the principle of leading technology and honesty. Quality first, we wholeheartedly provide high-quality services to customers at home and abroad. The company's products have excellent performance and reliability. The design is exquisite and practical. It can be widely used in high-altitude operations such as decoration construction, maintenance and cleaning of enterprises, institutions and large venues. The following is an introduction to the safety protection functions of the electric lift and its electric door. 1. Power protection device. When the electric system of the electric hydraulic construction lift detects that the power supply voltage is less than the rated voltage or greater than the maximum allowable value, the system will start the power supply automatic protection device and stop The operation of the equipment will start the operation of the equipment only when the power supply reaches the rated range. 2. Reverse operation protection. The electrical system of the hydraulic electric elevator will recognize the feedback signal of reverse operation. During the operation, when the actual operation direction of the motor recognized by the system is opposite to the preset operation direction, it is reverse operation. When the reverse running protection device will start and send out an alarm warning. 3. Electric door protection. In the process of closing the electric door of the hydraulic electric elevator, when there is something in the middle of the door, the electric door protection function will be activated, and the electric door of the hydraulic elevator will automatically turn to the open state. 4. Anti-overload protection. When the platform load of the equipment exceeds the rated load, the overload alarm signal of the hydraulic lift will be activated, an alarm will sound, and the equipment will stop running at the same time. 5. Historical fault record. The hydraulic construction lift system will automatically record all the information of the fault. When a similar fault occurs again, it can help the operator to effectively eliminate it. 6. Contactor contact detection protection. When the hydraulic construction lift is running or stopped, when the system detects a failure or abnormality of the contactor's pull-in state, the system will automatically start the protection to prevent unnecessary damage to the equipment. 7. Door switch fault protection. When the system detects that the electric door has not closed effectively after the rated number of times has been exceeded, the system will stop the door opening and closing operation and output a fault prompt message.
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