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Safety protection measures and protection tools for double-cylinder double-arm rail type lifting work platform

by:Powerston     2021-10-03
Aerial work platform equipment is a kind of lifting operation tool with certain risks. How to ensure the safety and stability of lifting equipment has always been a topic that has not stopped research in the hydraulic lifting equipment industry. Tianfeng Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. has also been constantly improving the safety of equipment. The performance and stability are constantly reformed, and certain achievements have been made. For example, there are many auxiliary tools used to ensure safety in conventional scissor lifts, such as wind ropes, various supporting legs, etc., in addition to such external auxiliary tools, In order to prevent all kinds of problems, we can install additional protection tools when the equipment is still working. Explosion-proof valve: It is often seen in large hydraulic equipment, especially heavy equipment. The main function can prevent the oil circuit from bursting or the oil circuit pressure is too high to cause equipment problems. The installation of the explosion-proof valve on the small lifting platform depends on whether it is installed or not. According to the needs of customers, large-scale equipment basically needs to be installed. Relief valve: It can prevent the passage of the oil circuit and divert it. It is often used in case the oil pipe bursts, causing the equipment to drop sharply and causing serious losses. Card lock; it is also a tool used to prevent the equipment from accidentally dropping sharply. It can be used in combination with an explosion-proof valve. In recent years, the domestic lifting cage platform incidents are nothing more than three factors. The first is human operation error, which is purely caused by the lack of equipment-related operators. The second type is the simple lifting cage platform such as hoist that is not allowed to be used in the country. Such lifting platform is too dangerous. Moreover, since the country has banned the production of this type of simple lifting platform, it is often used now. They are all aging equipment and are more prone to accidents. The third is that the quality of production is severely unacceptable, leading to serious social safety accidents.
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