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Safety requirements for high-rise building hoist working platform

Safety requirements for high-rise building hoist working platform


Electric working platform is high-altitude work equipment, in order to ensure safe, the main components are steel wire rope, suspension mechanism, counter weight and electrical system and so on.

(1)   Counter weight must be equipped on the suspension mechanism.

(2)   Counter weight must be installed firmly and be configured with sufficient quality according to the project.

(3)   The anti-overturning coefficient of the building work platform is equal to the counter forward heeling moment force, the ratio should not be less than 2.

(4)   The main components of electrical system should be installed in the panel box on the insulation board, and insulated with control box shell.

(5)   The power cables should be protected and used separately, the fuse safety switch should be installed.

(6)   Electric panel box should have waterproof measures.

(7)   Electric control box should have zero connection.

(8)   All electrical components must be sensitive.

(9)   The rated voltage of portable electric tools used on the high-rise building working platform should not exceed 220V with zero connection.

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