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Safety setting of electric lifting work platform

Safety setting of electric lifting work platform


Sensitive and reliable safety lock must be installed on electric lifting platform, and should be within the valid period.

1.    A safety lock for personnel must be set on the safety belt, the safety rope must be fixed firmly on the building.

2.    The material of safety rope must be nylon with whole rope hanging. When the rope is a multi-strand rope, the number of strands shall not be less than three,  and the rope head shall not be left with loose wires. When approaching welding, cutting, heat source and other places, safety rope should be protected, all parts should be smooth, no defects on material or manufacturing, no sharp corners and no sharp edges.

3.    Diameter of safety rope must be within the range of safety lock, and safety lock can only be used by one person.

4.    The valid period of safety lock is generally no more than 12 months.

5.    The safety device of electric hanging platform should be qualified by legal testing institution before use. User should test limitation and reliability when use.

6.    When running speed of suspension platform reaches the locking speed of safety lock, it can automatically lock the safety rope within 200mm.

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