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Safety test of wire rope hanging cradle

Safety test of wire rope hanging cradle


1.   The wire rope hanging cradle which is newly installed, overhauled, idle for one year or stopped for more than two months. Before use, the equipment shall be inspected according to the safety inspection requirements, and the equipment shall not be used until it is confirmed to be normal and inspected.

2.   The load of the electric hanging cradle should be kept evenly and not exceed the rated load. During normal use, the working load should not be more than 80% of the rated load. Do not use full load for a long time or use as lifting transport for frequent lifting.

3.   The wire rope should keep vertical state when the suspension platform is lifting. And it must not be bent, bulge and coated with mortar sundries. Do not use safety locks for braking or construction work in lifts.

4.   Do not use hanging cradle or wire rope as  arc starting or wiring circuit in the construction site. When the electric hanging cradle is used for gas welding, explosive items such as oxygen and acetylene bottles cannot be placed in the hanging platform.

5.   The power supply should be cut off when the electrical parts are repaired or replaced. The maintenance of the electric hanging cradle should follow the ground maintenance principle and be carried out by professional.

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