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Scrap Standard of Main Components of Suspension Crane Cradle

Scrap Standard of Main Components of Suspension Crane Cradle


I.    Main stressed components of suspension crane cradle: suspension mechanism and lifting platform. It should be scrapped if following situations appear:

1.      The overall instability cannot be repaired

2.      Permanent deformation, unable to be repaired

3.      Some components are permanently deformed and cannot be repaired. When the surface corrosion or wear depth exceeds 10% of the original components, the corresponding components shall be scrapped

4.      When cracks appear in the structural parts and welds, they shall be used after repair or strengthening measures can meet the original design requirements according to the stress and crack conditions; otherwise, they shall be scrapped

II.   Wire rope must be scrapped when the following conditions occur:

1.     When the wire rope breaks 3 wires within 5cm length or 6 wires within 25cm length, it must be scrapped. If the wire rope is long enough, the broken part must be cut off before reinstallation

2.     Wire rope must be scrapped when its diameter wear reaches 7%

3.     The wire rope should be scrapped immediately when it looses, bends or tangles up

4.     Wire rope shall be scrapped when it undergoes arc action and has recognizable color on the surface

III.    If the rubber sleeve of the cable is damaged seriously, which directly affects the strength and insulation safety, it shall be scrapped

IV.    When the wear amount of electromagnetic brake in the elevator reaches 2.5mm, or when the uneven wear is beyond repair, it shall be scrapped

V.     The brake block components of the centrifugal speed limiter at the lifting end of the electromechanical machine shall be scrapped if the manual sliding of the suspension platform exceeds 14m/min

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