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Selection method of hydraulic cylinder for lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-10-10
The so-called lifting platform is simply the lifting platform in our daily life. It can transport goods vertically and aerial work equipment. Then when choosing the hydraulic cylinder of the lifting platform, consider the lifting speed of the lifting platform, the additional load and the customer Special request. To select hydraulic cylinders for lifting platforms, you must first understand the types and effects of hydraulic cylinders. Hydraulic cylinders are the main components of the hydraulic system of the lifting platform. Some are hydraulic components. It has high transmission accuracy, low energy loss, and can complete reciprocating motion. It has a simple structure and is widely used in lifting platform occupations. Hydraulic cylinders are usually composed of cylinder heads, pistons and piston presses, sealing rods, sealing equipment, buffering equipment, and exhaust equipment, except for buffering equipment and exhaust equipment. Some are less than no. Hydraulic cylinders are usually divided into piston type, plunger type, elastic type, swing type, etc. Piston type piston hydraulic cylinder usually has two oil ports, both of which can enter and return oil. In order to complete the two-way movement, the piston-type cylinder is also called the two-way hydraulic cylinder. There can be one or two piston rods. Because the dual-function of the piston-type hydraulic cylinder can complete two-way movement, it is mainly used in the demand for elastic tabletops or with automatic slabs. On the fixed lifting platform or mobile lifting platform. The plunger type plunger type hydraulic cylinder is a one-way cylinder. It is very simple in structure and easy to process. The price is much lower than that of the piston type hydraulic cylinder. It is suitable for long-stroke hydraulics. Cylinders, plunger hydraulic cylinders are the most widely used hydraulic cylinders for mobile lifting platforms and fixed lifting platforms, especially fixed rail lifting platforms. The lifting height of the fixed rail lifting platform is determined by the stroke of the hydraulic cylinder. The hydraulic cylinders required by the fixed rail type lifting platform are all with a relatively large stroke, and the plunger type lifting platform on the fixed rail type lifting platform can show its greatest benefits. There are several points to pay attention to when using the plunger type hydraulic cylinder: Always accept pressure during operation, the selected plunger must have sufficient rigidity; the plunger has a large weight, and when placed horizontally, it simply sags due to its own weight, forming seals and guide unilateral wear. It is most suitable for straight use (in the guide rail). (It is most suitable for use on a type lifting platform); because the plunger type hydraulic cylinder can only perform one-way movement, the return stroke of the plunger rod can only rely on the hydraulic rod and the weight of the goods. Therefore, when the plunger rod and the goods are lighter, the fixed type The lowering speed of the lifting platform or the mobile lifting platform is slow, and the weight of the goods cannot be guaranteed to reduce the speed of the lifting platform. In some cases, the lifting platform that requires a fast reduction or a stable lifting platform cannot choose a plunger hydraulic cylinder. Elasticity Recommended reading: Carry out training on the safety of hydraulic lifting platforms. Elastic hydraulic cylinders have two or multi-stage hydraulic cylinders. The extension sequence of the elastic hydraulic cylinder pistons is from large to small, and the reverse when retracted. Elastic hydraulic cylinders can complete longer The stroke is shorter when retracted, and the structure is compact. Now the elastic hydraulic cylinder is widely used on the sleeve cylinder mobile hydraulic lifting cage platform and the sleeve cylinder fixed hydraulic lifting platform. The lifting height of the sleeve cylinder mobile hydraulic lifting platform can be Up to 35 meters, and good stability. The lowering speed of the elastic hydraulic cylinder mainly depends on the weight of the hydraulic cylinder and the goods, and the controllability is poor. Choose good After the variety of hydraulic cylinders, we must also consider the cylinder diameter of the hydraulic cylinder. The output force of the hydraulic cylinder is proportional to the useful area of u200bu200bthe piston and the pressure difference between both sides. When selecting the cylinder diameter of the hydraulic cylinder, we must also consider the load of the fixed lifting platform. The larger the load of the lifting platform, the larger the diameter of the cylinder body required. When the diameter of the hydraulic cylinder body, the operating speed of the lifting platform should also be considered. The larger the diameter, the slower the lifting speed of the lifting platform, so it is necessary to comprehensively consider the load The component and the lifting speed of the lifting platform should be as small as possible on the premise of satisfying the load component.
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