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Selection of application places for electric lifting platforms

by:Powerston     2021-09-07
Electric lifting platform is a kind of multi-functional lifting loading and unloading mechanical equipment, simple and easy to use, light and flexible. It is suitable for a variety of places, but it is not suitable for all kinds of places. Then, how to choose an electric lifting cage platform is the most suitable for on-site use? Next, we will give us an explanation. At the top of the list, when the company purchases an electric lifting platform, it must first summarize and think about the company's application range, operating frequency, utilization, additional lifting weight and other factors. Recommended Read: How much does it cost to repair and maintain a fixed hydraulic lifting platform? Second, secondly, it is to think about the place where the site is used, such as the softness of the foundation, the harshness of the climate, etc., for example, it is necessary to equip the electric lifting platform for outdoor use with a windproof rope. The wind is strong. At this time, the use of the electric lifting platform may cause violent shaking, and it is very simple to present risks. Therefore, it is necessary to use a windproof rope to maintain the electric lifting platform operators; therefore, how to choose the electric lifting platform is the most suitable on-site application. It is necessary to carefully test the results of the data. Third, finally select the lifting platform that is suitable for the operation level required by the unit. Especially the electric lifting platform under special environmental applications, such as oil fields, gas stations, chemical plants, etc., At this time, it is necessary to choose an explosion-proof electric lifting platform.This type of electric lifting platform uses an explosion-proof electric control box and the external maintenance of the line including the line has passed rigorous and repeated experiments to ensure that it is foolproof.
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