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Several degrees must be grasped for mobile hydraulic lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-09-04
The mobile hydraulic lifting platform is an auxiliary equipment for loading and unloading goods used in conjunction with forklifts. It can be adjusted according to the height of the transport vehicle compartment to promote the forklift to directly pass through the equipment and drive into the compartment for mass loading and unloading of goods, and then meet the needs of the company , It only needs one person to work alone to complete the rapid loading and unloading of goods, so that the company can reduce a lot of labor and provide work efficiency. Nowadays, the mobile lifting platform has become a transfer loading and unloading tool used by many companies, and there are soon friends. The mobile elevating platform is not well understood yet. The editor will explain more specifically the product parameters and application methods of the mobile elevating platform. 1. Length, the mobile elevating platform is usually about 10 meters in length. Depending on the tonnage, the carrying weight is different. The same, 6 tons of 10500mm, 8 tons of 11,200 meters, and 10 tons of 11,300 meters. It is very suitable for placing on the ground in the open field. 2. Inclination, the mobile lifting platform itself must have a certain inclination to make the forklift truck The length of the slope for loading and unloading of goods when entering the carriage is also different, and the slope is 7000mm, 7500mm, and 8000mm. The first consideration is safety and stability of use. 3. Width, mobile lifting platforms are also necessary A certain width of itself is not conducive to the loading and unloading of goods by forklifts if the width is too small. If the width is too large, it will occupy a certain space, which is not necessary. So a reasonable width is necessary. Normally, the width of the mobile lifting platform is 1800mm. 2000mm, 2100mm. The width of the mobile lifting cage platform is the original width and the total width. We have already said that the internal width is the width of the passage. The total width is mainly the width of the guardrail at both ends plus the width of the passage. The total width can be ignored in use. , We are still concerned about the inner width, which is the width of the passage. 4. Height, increasing height is the most important item of the mobile lifting platform. The height can be different according to the vehicle of the goods, and the height can be adjusted so that it can be equal to the deck of the carriage. Carry out bulk loading and unloading of goods. Because different manufacturers produce mobile lifting platforms, the height of the design and production table is also different from the ground interval, with 1000mm above the ground, 1200mm. After the hydraulic pressure increases, the stroke height varies from 300mm, 400mm, and 600mm, Huizhou lifting The height of the mobile lifting platform of the channel and the maximum height of the travel height is 1800mm. Almost all freight vehicles can be satisfied (usually the height of the vehicle is 1600). Recommended reading: Instructions for installing a fixed hydraulic lifting platform 5. Operation degree, operating the lifting platform rises and decreases , Can use two operating methods, one is manual pumping station, using manual hydraulic lifting, which is a lot of work and a bit laborious. Strengths: can be operated under any circumstances. Two types of electric pumping stations, use electric hydraulic lifting and lowering , The labor intensity is weakened, and labor is saved. Defects: Once the power is cut off, it will not be able to use, but now there is a mobile lifting platform with manual and electric dual use, which is more convenient to use.
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