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Six characteristics of guide rail lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-06-19
The guide rail type lifting platform is welded with channel steel or square pipe into 4 guiding columns as the main track, and adopts the form of hydraulic jacking. The hydraulic cylinder is installed in the middle of the two guide rails, and the double cylinder jacking realizes the balanced jacking; the hydraulic cylinder jacking frame The cargo guide frame rolls in the track through the rollers, and the cylinder telescopic drives the chain and steel wire rope to construction lift the cargo. According to different installation conditions, lifting height and lifting speed, it can be divided into various speed ratios such as 1:2, 1:3, 1:4 to complete lifting tasks. This product is mainly used for cargo transfer between different floors in warehouses and logistics multi-storey factories. It has a large carrying capacity, up to 30 tons, and the lifting is stable and reliable. It is an economical and applicable floor-to-floor alternative to the ideal cargo conveying equipment for elevators. According to the installation environment and use requirements of the lifting platform, different optional configurations can be selected to achieve better use effects. The guide rail lifting platform mainly has the following six outstanding features: 1. The upper part of the hoistway does not require a machine room, the side-mounted double hydraulic cylinder, and the external hydraulic station are convenient for maintenance; 2. No pit is required at the bottom, which is especially suitable for occasions where the foundation is not suitable for excavation. 3. The control is flexible and convenient. Each floor and the work surface of the lifting cage platform can be equipped with operating buttons to realize multi-point control; digital display control system can also be configured according to requirements; 4. Easy to install, modify and repair, all roller parts are equipped with bearings and guide Good performance, no wear of the rollers; 5. Flexible and convenient production, the table size can be flexibly determined according to the site conditions, and the original freight elevator space can also be used for transformation. The product has a solid structure, large carrying capacity, stable lifting, and simple installation and maintenance. 6. The equipment lifting mechanism is made of high-strength, with a safety protection device to prevent overloading of the lifting platform, a safety protection valve to prevent the hydraulic pipeline from rupturing, and an emergency lowering device in the event of a power outage.
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