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Solving common faults in the use of electric lifts

by:Powerston     2021-07-01
Electric elevators are commonly used auxiliary equipment for high-altitude operations nowadays, with high working stability and high working efficiency. The variety is also relatively complete, in order to meet the different needs of various customers, because of the continuous improvement of the social and national economy, people's requirements for everything will also be improved, of course, the lifting cage platform is also in the team, the daily electric elevator In normal operations, if the equipment is not properly taken care of or used improperly, the equipment will malfunction. The following machinery will summarize it as follows. Under normal circumstances, the oil cylinder of the electric elevator will be more severely worn. The uneven damage in the inner closed ring or the obstruction in the body can easily cause uneven force, which will lead to the uneven height of the cylinder. Please check carefully before working. Whether the oil cylinder is used normally. There are foreign objects in the hydraulic oil pipe of the electric lifting cage platform, which will affect the uneven force of the conveying hydraulic oil, and the unevenness of the table surface may occur. Carefully check whether the oil pipe is unblocked. Another possibility with a relatively low probability is the quality defect of the equipment itself. If you find it, please contact the manufacturer for replacement in time. Finally, the shafts in the middle of the support rods are inconsistent, which causes the platform to fail to work normally, the platform is seriously damaged, and the table is tilted. Check carefully whether the strict tilt detection has been done. For many small companies, tilt testing is not very important, which is also the basic reason for the failure of many lifting equipment. There are problems with the equipment's oil cylinder and power unit system. In most cases, it is the lack of power and the unqualified quality of the oil cylinder. This is a problem that needs to be paid attention to for an enterprise itself. In addition to the fact that there are very few problems with the equipment of the electric construction lift, the cause of more problems still depends on how to use and how to use it correctly. This is a very critical issue. In addition, the maintenance of the equipment is to help the equipment to be used for extended periods of time. The trick to hand life.
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