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Some problems in the use of rail type lifting platform as a lifting freight elevator

by:Powerston     2021-07-09
At present, due to different funds, it is difficult for the country to issue safety regulations on rail-mounted freight elevators. This also puts the safety aspect of the rail-mounted freight elevator in a vacuum. The guide rail lifting platform produced by major manufacturers in our country can not normally apply for inspection. However, as the guide rail lifting cage platform becomes more and more widely used, the relevant parts must issue corresponding supervision and inspection regulations! 1. The cross-sectional nature of the guide rail must Meet its strength requirements, Wen Shao lifting platform reminds everyone to pay attention to observation. 2. The lifting cage platform used for carrying people and goods must be equipped with guide rails and counterweights. 3. The guide rails, guide rail brackets, rail clamps, fishplates and their holders are all made of steel or other materials that meet the requirements of national standards. 4. The guide rail, guide rail bracket, fish plate and rail clamp must be open hearth steel or its equivalent. 5. The material of bolts and rivets must meet the requirements of national standards. 6. The guide rail must be firmly fixed to the lifting road or the guide rail support tower with metal fixings, and it is still a safe structure when the speed governor device is working. Rail-type lifting cage platforms are used as freight elevators and are currently classified as a type of freight elevator. Since the rail-type lifting platforms are hydraulically powered, the state stipulates that hydraulic lifting freight elevators can only carry cargo and carry people strictly. Hope the majority of users remember! For safety reasons, specific safety rules and regulations should be issued as soon as possible in the production and manufacturing of rail-mounted lifting platforms.
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