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Specific specifications of standard electric lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-09-03
The specific specifications of the standardized electric lifting platform 1. This series of platforms are suitable for the working environment of above ground or underground pits; 2. Heavy-duty planning, with a maximum load of 4000kg; 3. Scissor planning, with a lifting cage height of up to 1400mm; 4 . Appearance selects environmentally friendly powder coating technology, baking paint technology, and the surface reflection is uniform to achieve a beautiful effect; 5. Complies with EN1570 and ANSI/ASME safety regulations; Recommended reading: Introduction to self-propelled aluminum alloy lifting cage platform 6. Imported from Europe Excellent power supply components, the safety function is much higher than the domestic level; 7. The low-voltage control box (24) is equipped with a lifting cage button. The imported Bucher pump station makes the goods construction lift stable and powerful; 8. With up and down buttons and instant stop A 24V low-voltage control box with a button; 9. There is a safety device under the table to ensure that the table stops lowering when it encounters an obstacle to ensure safety; 10. A heavy-duty oil cylinder with a return device and a check valve prevents the table from falling when the tubing bursts. ; 11.The safety gap between the scissor brackets can avoid pinching injuries;
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