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Steel structure installation of aerial suspended platform for winter construction

Steel structure installation of aerial suspended platform for winter construction


1.    Anti-skid measures must be taken during winter transportation and stockpiling of steel structures.The stacking site must be smooth and solid, without water holes and ice on the ground. When the same model components are stacked, the levelness  must be ensured and the pads must be on the same vertical line to prevent the members from sliding.

2.    In addition to regular inspection before installation of steel structure, the quality of components should also be re-inspected according to negative temperature conditions. If the deviation is larger than the specified one that affects the installation, it must be repaired and rectified on the ground, and can only be installed after meeting the design requirements and specifications.

3.    When the steel cables of the binding and lifting structures are in direct contact with the steel structure, non-slip spacers shall be added. The nodeboard that lifts at the same time with the structure the hanging ladder that installation personnel uses, the clamp that corrects uses, the rope must bind firmly. If the lifting ring is directly used, the lifting lug should be inspected for any damage to the welding joint of the lifting lug.

4.    If there is snow,frozen and dewy on the component, it should be cleaned before installation, but the coating should not be damaged.

5.    Special machines and tools for installing structures at negative temperature shall be inspected according to the requirements of negative temperature.

6.    The steel structure shall be corrected immediately after installation at negative temperature and permanently fixed immediately after correction. The strcuture installed on the same day should form a space stability system to ensure the installation quality and safety.

7.     When installing the high-strength bolt joint, the friction surface of the member must be clean, no snow, ice, rain, dirt, oil and other dirt.

8.     Before the bolt welding, the welding current, welding time and other parameters should be measured according to the value of negative temperature to ensure the bolt welding quality. 

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