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Steps to install and fix the scissor hydraulic lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-06-20
The fixed scissor hydraulic lifting platform has become a common equipment for transporting materials and vehicles to high places. It has greatly replaced the use of elevators. It is more economical and convenient than elevators. It can carry large tonnage materials. It is now used in factories, enterprises, Good assistant for warehouses, workshops, hotels, shopping malls, 4S shops, underground garages and other multi-floor occasions. The fixed scissor hydraulic lifting platform has many advantages and is very convenient to use. Is it easy to install? How to install a fixed scissor hydraulic lifting platform? Let's take a look with the editor below: 1. Measuring the size depends on how high the lifting cage platform needs to be installed by the customer, and measuring the location and size of the area to be installed according to the customer's site environment; 2. After measuring the size, according to the site conditions, you need In the case of digging a pit or not needing to dig a pit, use lifting equipment to hoist the fixed scissor hydraulic lifting cage platform to the position that needs to be installed in advance, and place it into the reserved place. 3. Test and adjust all parts of the lifting platform to an accurate position, so that when it descends to the bottom, it can be parallel to the ground and coincide with the surrounding gaps. 4. The link line, oil pipe, etc. will be fixed to the scissor hydraulic lifting platform in accordance with The pre-arranged circuit is wired, and the hydraulic oil pipe on the hydraulic system is connected with the oil pipe on the control box.
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