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Surface Treatment of building hoist goods elevator accessories

Surface Treatment of building hoist goods elevator accessories


In construction sites, we often see various building elevators, which are used as standing platforms when the exterior walls are painted or decorated. As is known to all, some important accessories are often used in building elevators. Concerning security, it is very important to do surface treatment with hot dipping zinc.

The building elevator parts can be galvanized which is divided into whole galvanized and split galvanized. The  whole cold galvanized is that galvanize the whole surface after every part is welded. Split cold galvanizing is that galvanize the raw material, then welding, and the welding points painted with silver powder antirust paint.

In addition,  anti-rust paint spraying is also one of the main surface treatment technology used in building elevator accessories, there are two kinds of dip paint and spray brush, the former is the accessories dip in the paint pool, and then out of the air. Spray brush is the way to spray brush surface anti-rust paint treatment.

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