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The cause of the big noise of the hydraulic lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-07-18
The cause of the large noise of the hydraulic lifting platform When the hydraulic lifting cage platform is used, it will produce a lot of noise. What is the cause of this noise? In fact, pumping stations, oil tanks, steel equipment, etc. are all places where noise is generated. 1. After hearing the noise of the hydraulic lifting platform, first check whether there are any problems with the hydraulic pump station, motor, valve and fixing device, and whether it is the noise caused by their vibration. 2. When replacing hydraulic oil, sometimes poor hydraulic oil will cause noise in the hydraulic lifting platform, and the air entering the pump station will also cause noise. 3. The overflow valve of the hydraulic lifting platform can also produce high noise. When the hydraulic oil is mixed with air, the overflow valve is stuck or worn seriously, the spring fatigue deformation of the overflow valve causes the pressure adjustment of the overflow valve to be unstable, and the pressure relief time of the overflow valve is too short, etc., it is easy to cause the overflow valve The performance of the pilot valve is partially stable, causing air vibration in the pilot valve to generate noise. Therefore, we have to clean the overflow valve frequently. The overflow valve should be replaced when it is damaged or severely worn. 4. When the hydraulic oil is insufficient, the hydraulic pump will produce air suction, which will cause air to enter the hydraulic oil and generate high noise. 5. The oil cylinder is unqualified, causing excessive noise, because the hydraulic system in the lifting platform is the main working system, and the oil cylinder is an important part of the hydraulic system. Once damaged or there is a problem, the lifting platform will be paralyzed. 6. If the table top is not completely fixed, the guide rail and the table top will shake. The greater the shaking, the greater the noise. Therefore, it must be fixed firmly during installation. Long-term shaking will not only produce huge noise, but more importantly, increase the wear and tear of the machine, which is likely to cause mechanical failure. 7. There are problems in the pumping station, and the motor will also produce a certain amount of noise. However, the motor with guaranteed quality usually has very low noise. In order to reduce costs, some bad businesses often use some motors with no guarantee of quality, which causes noise when the lifting platform operates. Continuously. 8. The wire rope or chain is aging, and the protection device of the lifting platform wire rope and chain will also cause loud noises due to improper maintenance or excessive wear. Therefore, regular inspection and maintenance is the fundamental reason to ensure the good condition of the lifting platform. In summary, there are many reasons for the noise of the hydraulic lifting platform. When we check the reasons, we need to eliminate one by one, so as to truly solve the problem of heavy lifting platform noise. Jiecheng Mechatronics reminds you that under normal circumstances, professional guidance is required to conduct inspections, and customers should not act blindly by themselves.
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