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The details of the hydraulic lifting platform that do not need attention for a long time and the cause of noise

by:Powerston     2021-09-10
Can the hydraulic lifting platform be kept in the warehouse for a long time? Of course not. Pay attention to the following matters when the hydraulic lifting platform is not used for a long time. 1 During the long-term parking period, the 4 outriggers of the hydraulic lifting platform should be opened to avoid deformation of the tire after a long period of time. It is still necessary to use the normal lifting function of the hydraulic lifting platform twice a month to maintain daily lubrication and maintenance. 2 The electric hydraulic lifting platform needs to be started regularly. When using, first open the nut to release the gas, turn on the switch on the oil collecting block, plug in the power plug, and then use the quick connector to connect the hydraulic lifting platform interface. The output of the hydraulic oil will increase by itself as the load rises until the items Work reached 63MPA. 3 After the work is completed, turn on the switch to remove the load. After the hydraulic oil return is completed, take off the quick connector cover, twist the bleed nut, unplug the power supply, and turn off the switch. When the air temperature drops below zero, open the lid of the oil tank frequently to observe whether the hydraulic oil freezes or deteriorates and deposits. When an abnormal condition is found, the hydraulic oil should be replaced immediately. Hydraulic oil is indispensable for hydraulic lifting platforms. The important part of the power source must ensure its effectiveness. 4 Even if you use less, you must ensure that the hydraulic oil is replaced every 6 months. If the machine is used frequently, the replacement time can be shortened. Note that when the hydraulic lifting platform is working, the oil temperature is generally in the range of ten to fifty degrees Celsius. Pumping stations, oil tanks, equipment just now, etc. are all places where noise may be generated. 1. First check the hydraulic pump station, motor, valve and other parts that have been installed for problems. 2. When replacing the hydraulic oil, try to choose a better quality hydraulic oil, because poor hydraulic oil may cause machine noise or The service life of the machine is shortened. Check whether there is air in the pump station, which will also cause noise. 3. Frequently check the overflow valve of the hydraulic lifting cage platform. Clean the overflow valve regularly, and replace it in time when it is found to be damaged or severely worn. 4. Frequently check whether the hydraulic oil is sufficient, and add it in time when the hydraulic oil is insufficient. If the hydraulic oil is not enough, the hydraulic pump will have a hollow phenomenon, causing air to be mixed into the hydraulic oil, resulting in high noise. There are various reasons for the noise of the hydraulic lifting platform. When we check, we must eliminate one by one under the guidance of professionals to determine the specific noise source. Excellent content recommendation: two parts of the automobile hydraulic lifting cage platform that we love more Thank you for visiting the machinery website, if you have any questions, you can call us, and we will do our best to provide you with quality services.
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