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The development history of hydraulic lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-08-18
The development history of hydraulic lifting platform With the industrialization process of modern society, hydraulic lifting platform occupies an indispensable position. After understanding the development prospects of hydraulic lifting platforms, the editor of Hangbo will introduce the history of hydraulic lifting platforms. The earliest appearance of similar hydraulic lifting platforms can be traced back to ancient China and European countries. At that time, people and goods were transported vertically with tools such as wheels. The modern hydraulic lifting platform is the product of the invention of the steam engine in the nineteenth century. In 1845, the first hydraulic hydraulic lifting platform was born, and the liquid used at that time was water. In 1853, the American Elisha Otis invented an automatic safety device, which greatly improved the safety of the steel cable traction hydraulic lifting platform. On March 23, 1857, a five-story store in New York, USA, installed the first passenger hydraulic lifting platform using Otis safety devices. Since then, the use of hydraulic lifting platforms has been widely accepted and developed at a high speed. The initial hydraulic lifting platform was propelled by a steam engine, so the building must be equipped with a boiler room. In 1880, the German Siemens invented a hydraulic lifting platform that uses electricity. Since then, the veritable 'hydraulic lifting platform' has officially appeared. Since then, the use of hydraulic lifting platforms has been widely accepted and developed at a high speed. In modern times, we use a wooden ladder to construction lift goods, which is very inconvenient to use and dangerous when climbing. The first city in China to install a hydraulic lifting platform was Shanghai. In 1907, the six-story Huizhong Hotel installed two Otis hydraulic lifting platforms. Taiwan's first commercial hydraulic lifting cage platform was installed in 1932 during the Japanese Occupation, located in the 'Chrysanthemum Department Store' in Taipei City, which was called Liu Cong at that time. At present, there are many types of hydraulic lifting platforms produced in China, with different product models, with lifting heights ranging from 4 meters to 18 meters or even dozens of meters. Hangbo company selects domestic and foreign advanced hydraulics, motors, pumping station systems, hydraulic system explosion-proof devices and hydraulic self-locking devices. It has the advantages of novel design, reasonable structure, balanced lifting, simple operation, convenient maintenance and other products that are irreplaceable. Widely used in plant maintenance, industrial installation, equipment maintenance, property management, warehouses, aviation, airports, ports, stations, machinery, chemicals, medicine, electronics, electricity and other high-altitude equipment installation and maintenance. 158.
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