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The development of the lifting platform adds energy to the high-speed rail business

by:Powerston     2021-08-23
The development of the lifting platform adds fuel to the high-speed rail business. I saw a wide and straight road running through the park. Dozens of hydraulic lifting platform companies lined up on both sides of the road. Logistics vehicles came to load in an endless stream. The leader of the County Industrial Information Bureau said, “This is the newly built lifting cage platform industrial park. The hydraulic lifting platform industry in Jiyang, Shandong is the largest in the country in terms of scale, efficiency, and export volume.” The hydraulic lifting platform is the largest in the country. The industry is listed as a key support development object, and it is proposed that through support, service, and guidance, it will form a scale advantage and become a pillar industry of the private economy. The county party committee and the county government set up a special economic work and industry development leading group to be responsible for the specific work of the industry. A series of policy measures have been introduced to standardize and rationalize, creating a loose policy environment for the healthy and orderly development of private industries. Provide support and guidance in terms of enterprise land, capital, and technology, so that the industry has developed rapidly, and its Ru0026D level, innovation capability, industrial scale and market share are all at the leading domestic level. The lifting platform platform 'Made in Shandong Jiyang' has successively shown its presence in the construction and scientific research fields of aerospace, West-East Gas Pipeline, Forbidden City Maintenance, Olympic Stadium, Heavy Duty Truck Production and Antarctic Scientific Research. The United States, Germany, Japan, Italy, South Africa and other countries. Statistics show that there are currently 466 registered enterprises of hydraulic lifting platform in the county, with an annual production of 32,000 units. In 2013, the output value reached more than 870 million yuan, and the tax revenue was 96 million yuan. It has become 'the largest manufacturer of hydraulic lifting platform in the country. base'. In the list of the first batch of recognized national torch characteristic industrial bases issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2014, the Jiyang hydraulic lifting platform operating equipment characteristic industrial base declared by the Shandong Provincial Department of Science and Technology is listed among them, which indicates that Jiyang County is gaining After the 'Hometown of Hydraulic Platforms in ChinaThe establishment of the National Torch Characteristic Industrial Base in our county will further guide the hydraulic lifting platform enterprises in the region to become stronger, specialized in products, and larger in the market. It will play a huge role in improving the industrial chain, expanding the scale of production, and enhancing the impact of the hydraulic lifting platform industry. Promoting role. In the next step, our county will make better use of the base’s industrial agglomeration, technological incubation, and leading role of the hydraulic lifting cage platform, and create a hydraulic lifting platform operation equipment innovation with large economic scale, high technology content, upstream and downstream interconnection, and clear professional division of labor. This type of industrial cluster has made new and greater contributions to 'deepening integration and speeding up leaps and bounds'. Emerging industries are the key to industrial transformation and upgrading. Our county will rely on the traditional superior hydraulic lifting platform industry to develop strategic emerging industries, focusing on promoting the development of new materials and high-end equipment manufacturing and other emerging industries. Relying on industrial parks and policy advantages to develop strategic emerging industries, focusing on promoting the development of emerging industries such as hydraulic lifting platform and hydraulic lifting cage platform manufacturing. Relying on market and resource advantages to develop strategic emerging industries, focusing on promoting the development of emerging industries such as energy conservation, environmental protection, and fine chemicals. 162.
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