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The development trend of new and practical cranes

by:Powerston     2021-04-09
are no longer unfamiliar in our daily lives. Large and small cranes are used in various industries and play a vital role in many industries. However, when we look at cranes in various formats, Its manufacturing process is also relatively complicated, and all have a certain principle. With the continuous development of science and technology, cranes are constantly developing and progressing. Today, the small editor of lifting will tell you about the new and practical development trend of cranes. The crane adopts thin-walled profiles and special-shaped steel in the structure to reduce the splicing welds of the structure and improve the fatigue resistance. Various new high-strength low-alloy steel materials are used to increase the load-bearing capacity, improve the stress conditions, reduce the weight and increase the appearance. The bridge structure of bridge construction hoists mostly adopts box-shaped four-beam structure, and the main beam and end beam are connected by high-strength bolts, which is convenient for transportation and installation. The crane further develops new transmission parts and simplifies the mechanism. The 'three-in-one' operating mechanism is a combination of motor, reducer and brake. It has the advantages of compact structure, light weight and beautiful appearance, convenient disassembly and assembly, simple adjustment, stable operation, and large supporting range. It has been widely used in various construction hoists abroad. Operating mechanism. In order to simplify the structure of the small and medium tonnage lifting trolley as much as possible, while reducing the size and height of the crane, and reducing the wheel pressure, a large number of electric hoists have been used abroad as the lifting mechanism. In order to reduce self-weight, increase load-bearing capacity, improve processing and manufacturing conditions, and increase product yield, parts and components are replaced by welding as much as possible, such as reducer housings, coils, pulleys, etc., all use welding structures. The gears of the reducer all adopt hard tooth surface to reduce the weight, reduce the volume, improve the carrying capacity and increase the service life. The application range of hydraulic push rod disc brakes is also increasing. In addition, the motors used in each mechanism are developing towards high speed, thereby reducing the number of the motor base, reducing the weight and reducing the overall size, and can be equipped with a brake with a small braking torque. In terms of electric control, construction hoists develop speed control systems and electric control systems with good performance, low cost and high reliability, and develop semi-automatic and fully automatic operation. The use of electromechanical, instrument and liquid integration technology improves performance and reliability, and increases crane functions. Developed the control technology of fuzzy logic circuit, using neural information and fuzzy technology to find the time to start acceleration, and input the actual operation data of the experienced driver's anti-sway to the system to achieve more precise control. The fuzzy control method can determine the control instructions for implementing automatic work, and digitally quantify people's subjective fuzzy quantity through fuzzy sets.
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