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The difference between hydraulic cargo lifting platform and lifting platform before

by:Powerston     2021-09-07
What is the difference between the hydraulic cargo lifting platform and the lifting platform? Compared with the general lifting platform, the hydraulic cargo lifting platform uses a hydraulic system as a power source, and the device is sensitive in orientation, and there is no need to install a mechanical room for rolling yard equipment on the upper part of the building. , Can make full use of the height and space of the building. The disadvantage of the hydraulic cargo lifting cage platform relative to the lifting platform is: the stroke is restricted by the longitudinal tortuous strength of the hydraulic cylinder, and it is not suitable for too high construction. Generally, six to eight floors are more suitable. In addition, the platform does not have a balance weight, and all the components of the platform surface are borne by hydraulic pressure, so the power consumption is relatively large. The hydraulic cargo lifting platform When the hydraulic cargo lifting platform is operating, when high pressure oil is input to the cylinder, the platform rises; the hydraulic oil is from When sweeping in the cylinder, the platform is lowered due to its own weight, so changing the flow of oil supply or oil discharge can adjust the speed at which the platform rises or falls. The electro-hydraulic cargo construction lift platform has significant advantages when used in lower multi-storey buildings. Advantages, with the development of an aging society and the progress of the diversity of buildings in our daily life, the elderly living in lower-floor apartments also need active elevators, which provide shopping malls for hydraulic cargo lifting platforms.
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