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The effect of setting explosion-proof valve on hydraulic lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-09-10
Since the hydraulic lifting platform is outdoor, they should be placed outdoors in winter or summer, so it is very important to do anti-freezing work in the hydraulic lifting platform. As long as the general hydraulic lifting platform factory installs a qualified explosion-proof valve above the machine, the hydraulic The main function of the lifting platform is to transport goods and people want to send it to the destination. The explosion-proof valve hydraulic lifting cage platform is equipped with a lifting valve in the lifting machine to prevent the lifting platform from falling quickly when a control accident occurs, and the control table is slow Ground down. This is the main function of the poppet valve. Especially in the hydraulic lifting cage platform above, if the hydraulic pressure is problematic, the above work will be very dangerous. Through the valve body, a pressure spring, a sliding valve and a fixed Ring, the inner cavity of the valve is provided with a pressure spring, and the pressure spring can slide in the slide valve cavity of the valve. The block ring on the valve body valve has a through hole at the top, and the valve plug cavity at the bottom and the valve valve The body inlet and outlet are connected. This will reduce the risk of the staff. Once the pipeline ruptures, the hydraulic construction lift will be too fast, the explosion-proof valve will be closed quickly, the throttle state, the hydraulic construction lift table will fall slowly, and the safety of personnel and equipment will be guaranteed. The role of safety. The application of this new technology makes the volume of the lifting platform product very large.
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