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The electric lifting platform reminds you how to extend the service life

by:Powerston     2021-08-16
The electric lifting cage platform reminds you how to extend the service life. The electric lifting cage platform is a non-scissor hydraulic lifting mechanical equipment. It is mainly used for the transmission of goods between the second and third floors of industrial plants, restaurants, and restaurants. The situation is diversified and the equipment runs smoothly. The operation is simple and reliable, and the goods transmission is economical and fast. Rail lift freight elevators are usually installed in the pit, one is for fixed needs, and the other is for very stable lifting work. Regardless of whether it is a scissor elevator or a rail elevator, the installation personnel of AFC Machinery usually insist that the installation is in the pit. How to install and fix the freight elevator if you can't dig a pit? We often encounter some customers who have no space to dig a pit. At this time, we recommend that customers choose guide rail elevators. Because the guide rail elevators can be directly fixed on the ground, they can be fixed on the wall by fixing plates to complete the device stability of the elevator. This is also the point that the rail construction lift freight elevator is better than the scissor lift freight elevator. Other requirements are for outdoor installations of elevators. Zhongcheng Machinery also advocates choosing rail elevators. This is because if a pit is excavated outdoors, it will easily accumulate water on rainy days and corrode the main materials of the elevator. The outdoor rail elevators are installed. It is generally recommended to install a rain cover to avoid corrosion from rain and snow and extend the service life of the elevator. 160.
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