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The form of failure of the lifting platform under various loads

by:Powerston     2021-08-25
The form of failure of the lifting cage platform under various loads. Under the normal working conditions of the hydraulic elevator, the value may not be the largest, but the normal variable load that often occurs causes damage to the mechanical transmission and supporting parts, metal structures, and power equipment. Fatigue damage, excessive wear and heat burn. Under the working conditions of the lifting cage platform, due to the effect of the maximum load in the working state with a small number of times but a large value, the hydraulic platform is completely or partially instability and overturned, the strength or instability of the mechanical parts and the metal structure is damaged, or due to Insufficient rigidity, inadequate braking, sudden stop, etc. make the hydraulic elevator work out of order. When the hydraulic platform is working or non-working, it may be subjected to various special loads such as impact load caused by falling items, collision load caused by impact on the buffer, bump load caused by extreme wind and rain, and transportation caused by long-distance consignment. Loads, installation loads, temperature loads, etc. cause the platform to cause overall or partial strength damage, instability damage, and local permanent deformation damage. 150.
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